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Our company attend the 11th internation brew & beverage processing technology and equipment exhibition for China
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brew  beverage processing technology and equipment exhibition. With efforts of all 
company leaders and staffs, the exhibition was  brought  to a successful conclusion.
Sponsored by China National United Equipment Group Corporation, China Beverage Fair
has a great international influence on liquid food machinery and relative industries. It is a 
preferred business platform for Asian Pacific liquid food industries to contact with customers,
know the industry developing trend and set up network marketing. During the Fair, our 
business trades make a specific introduction of our new technology, advanced equipment 
and display our new designed products for the viewers.
Through this exhibition, our company communicated with a number of foreign companies. 
Deepened mutual understanding of these areas of business, such as technical strength, 
production levels, company scale, and so on. Enhanced our company’s DYE reputation at 
home and abroad. Established a good atmosphere of mutual trust cooperation with these 
companies. Laid the foundation of further development for both the company and industry 
to conduct the complementary advantages and resources integration.  Also created 
favorable conditions to achieve better development of our company.
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