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Introducing new facility
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Import high-tech equipment to improve production efficiency

Daeyoo Tech.Co.,Ltd.Wenzhou always adheres to concept of “quality first and invigorate company through science and technology”, and our company believes that good tools are essential things, we buy new and advanced equipment for a better production, enlarge our foreign market and maintain the first position among the peers. In order to meet the demand of the production further, improve the production efficiency and expand the production scale, our company costs RMB5,000,000 to buy three high-technique equipment from Shanghai, they are shearing machine, Plate shears and Pipe end facing machine.
Sheet-leveling machine is mainly used for stamping parts leveling, since many products will be deformed and warped owing to uneven internal stress. Besides, the leveling effects of some ordinary sheet- leveling machine is not so good or even no effects, the construction of high-tech sheet- leveling machine imported by our company is different from ordinary ones, easy operation, the leveling roller can be adjusted to 0.01mm and depth of parallelism between rollers can be controlled within 0.05mm. the front prepressing and rear rectify are controlled separately, thus can ensure excellent leveling effect and never worry about the deformation and warping of products.

Thanks to the hightech equipment, our company’s production from shearing, rolling, leveling and leveling of nozzle are finished automatically. In this way, not only can reduce the labour force
and lighten the operator’s labour intensity, but also improve the production efficiency greatly and ensure high quality products. During the installation and debugging of new
facility, in order to master the operation method of hightech equipment, we have opened a training course for several technical experts, they learned the operation technique
from the manufacturers earnestly. After manual efforts of all technicians and suppliers, the equipment can operate normally and they are put into use right now. The working
condition is fine and they do achieve the desired results. With such a proficient and experienced excellent team, DYE always sticks to the road of technological innovation,
we believe that we can win more markets and offer high quality products and superior service in the following future.

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