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The Process of Beer Brewery
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    The process of beer brewry is mainly divided into:produce and mill the malt, saccharification, fermentation, canned four parts.
For decades, the beer industry is a evolving process from industrialized to automate. Beer industry will be gradually transition to control the direction of integration to enable better integration of production data into management decision-making channels, production control model will become more rational, intelligent degree will also be further enhanced.
Now I will introduce the materials one by one.
Malt made from barley. Barley is a hard grai, it mature much faster than other cereals. Because of using barely to make malt much faster than the speed which wheat, rye, oats turn into malt, so the barely is selected as the main raw material for brewing. The wheat without hard shell is not easily to turn malt, but it is also very suitable for brewing purposes. Barley must sprouted to barely malt , so that it will cotain the soluble sugars used in brewing processes.
Hop are belong to the nettle or marijuana plants. Hop cone own the peanut organization, it gives the beer bitter or aroma flavor. It makes the beer more refreshing and delicious, and helps digestion. The types of hops: knot cone: knot cone is collected in the early autumn. Hop pellet: the knot after the rolling of the mold in a dedicated cone crushing, and then placed on pallets. Extract: The hop extract is now widely used in all varieties of beer, while the different extraction methods will produce very different taste. It can be added after fermentation to control the bitterness of the beer .
Yeast is a kind of micro-fungi. In the beer brewing process, yeast is a magician, it ferments the malt sugars into the beer, and produce alcohol, carbon dioxide and other trace fermentation products. These re-production mix directly with the malt and hops, in that way the beer own the excellent flavor and unique sensory characteristics. There are two main beer yeast: "top yeast" and "end of yeast." With a microscope to watch them, the “top yeast” showed slightly oval than that at the “end yeast” obvious. As there names going, "top yeast" would come to the top of the beer when fermentation. "Bottom yeast" is always present in the bottom of the fermentation bucket. "Top yeast" can produce light, strong, bitter beer.
Refined Sugar: refined sugar in some beer is an important additives. It makes the color more light beer, impurities less is more refreshing taste.
Water: water takes more than 90% of the ingredients, it plays a very important role in the beer brewing process. Beer brewing needs not only clean water but also needs to remove the mineral salts contained in the water into soft water. It should be particularly pointed out that, for environmental considerations, more and more manufacturers started to give up the relatively cheap underground water to brew beer, while the introduction of relatively expensive tap water.
Now I will introduce the process as follows:
1. Malt crushed: The malt should be crushed before send it to the fermentation bucket.
2.Baked treatment: mix the malt flour and the water in the paste pot. Paste pot is a huge roundabout metal containers, equipped with hot water and steam inlet, mixing devices such as mixing stick, mixing paddle, or propeller, as well as a large number of temperature and control device. In the paste pot, malt and water, heated by the boiling, which is the natural acids of the insoluble proteins into soluble starch and malt extract, called "wort." And then called the separation of wort was sent to the tower filtration container. Wort boiling in the pot before being pumped into the filtration tank must first remove one of the malt hull and add hops and sugar.
3 boil: In the boiling pot, the mixture was boiled in order to absorb the flavor of hops, and pick up and disinfection. In the boiling, add hops malt juice is pumped into the sedimentation tank maneuver to place unnecessary hops residues and insoluble proteins.
4, cooling, fermentation: clean malt juice precipitate from the cyclotron tank pump after being sent to the cooling heat exchanger. Subsequently, the malt juice is added yeast, begun to enter the fermentation process.

In the fermentation process, cultured yeast to wort sugars can be fermented into alcohol and carbon dioxide to produce beer. Fermentation took place in eight-hour period and to accelerate the pace, the accumulation of a kind known as "wrinkle Mo" high-density foam. This foam in section 3 or 4 days to reach its highest stage. 5 days starting from the first fermentation has slowed down the pace, began to spread in the Mo Wrinkle wort surface, it must be Piediao. End of wort in the fermentation of yeast in the fermentation of all available material, it starts at the bottom of the vessel-like formation of a layer of thick sediments. Along the temperature gradually decreased, in the 8 to 10 days after the fermentation is completely finished. Throughout this process, the need for temperature and pressure so tightly controlled. Of course, beer is different from the different production process, resulting in fermentation time are also different. Typically, the storage of beer fermentation process takes about 6 days, light beer for 5 days.

After the end of fermentation, most of yeast sediment at the tank bottom. Winemakers themselves to this part of the recovery of yeast used for the next pot. Remove the yeast, the resultant "delicate beer" is pumped into the post-fermentation tank (or tank known as the ripening). At this point, the remaining yeast and insoluble protein precipitate further down the beer's style and maturity. Time to mature with the varieties of beer vary, generally in the 7 ~ 21 days.
After post-fermentation and mature the beer in the filter will be all of the remaining insoluble proteins of yeast and filtered, has become to be packaged sake. In the Lion, a unique dual filtration process, not only on the brewing of impurities in place to produce a more thorough, but also special Jiuye clear, crystal clear so that the Shuiguang beer drinkers enjoying delicious can also create visual pleasure.
Finished products are often packaged beer bottle, cans and drums in several packaging. Coupled with the bottle shape, capacity, different labels, different cervical collar and cap, as well as the diversification of packaging, which constitute a dazzling array of beer products in the market. Lion can produce any kind of contemporary packaging products.
Bottled beer is the most popular packaging format also has the most typical packaging process, ie cleaning, Guanjiu, sealing, sterilization, labeling and packing.
The more recent of beer from the date of manufacture, namely, the more the more fresh and taste good. From the brewery produced beer, through transport to distributors, from distributors to retailers, and finally to consumers, efficient and smooth distribution channels to ensure that consumers drink fresh beer guarantee

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