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Included: mash kettle, boiler kettle, filter tank, boiling tank, whirlpool tank, hops additional equipment.

The main tanks or kettles of this system are all adopted 304 stainless steel that achieved the international standard. Adopted modern automated plasma, laser cutting line and pure argon gas welding and other advanced technology. The inner surface of the tanks or kettle where will be osculate with the material are all mirror polished. The outside are all polished. Ensure the equipment we supplied to the customer is high technology, high quality, reasonable price, luxury and beautiful.

Mash tank, boiler kettle:

1、Adopted highly efficient heat exchange technology Miller board Jacket, steam onflow technology, to achieve a maximum thermal conductivity, energy saving. At the same time, adopted automatic temperature control technology, ensure the speed of heating, the time of warm keeping during mash and boiler.

2 、Adopted the advanced lift type speed control system, through frequency conversion or self-control to stir. Ensure the mixture is frequency conversion, can maximize get all kinds of enzymes have a good biological activity transformation, ensure the quality of the beer and output at the headstream.

Filter tank

1、Adopted allotypic blade system and hydra-matic system, make it is uniformity in stiring. Improved the speed of filter and the productivity effect.  Maintain a good transparency of wort and juice yield.

2、Adopted the advanced lift type speed control system, through frequency conversion or self-control to stir. So that it is easy to operate and maintain. Saving the investment cost.

Boiler tank

1、Adopted inner boiling and increase the pressure in the outside technology. Improved the height of the boiling. Increased the vaporize of the dimethyl thiourea. Accelerate the protein of the converge. Divided the boilered wort and polymer rapidly.

2、Adopted cycle mix technology, accelerate the temperature at the beginning of boiling. Keep the temperature of the wort is uniformity during boiling. It will avoid the wort heated at one place for long time. So that make sure the good quality of the wort.

Whirlpool tank

1、Design the tank according to the filter capacity of the hole in sieve plate, magnification the proportion between the height and diameter, reduce the speed of whirlpool; accelerate the coagulation to sedimentation and agglomerate. Separate the wort and coagulation in a good condition.

2、Attached a coagulation storage tank to filter more wort and reduce the environment pollution.

Hops additional system.

1、This system contained two or more tanks, attached pump, pipelines, valves and so on. You can also control the capacity of the hops.

2、The tanks and pipelines are connected with CIP system, You can clean and sterilize automatic, semi-automatic.


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