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After-sales service
Introduction: We company has its own factories, design office and sales department, is a comprehensive mechanical equipment company, we company has always paid great attention to product and service quality, customer satisfaction has always been our brand to do a major support, following is our company's customer service projects.
1.When customers buy new machines, we will provide complete operation instructions and video instructions.
2.We will provide free lectures, trainings and technical support to secure normal operations of machines.
Commitment :
1.All products' warranty period is one year,it is free to maintain during the warranty period.(except human factors or irresistible natural phenomenon caused by the fault or destroy ).
2. After problems happening ,we will solve them within 7 days .
3.You can consult technology information through the after-sales service,and gain solutions .
4.When you find malfunction troubles ,we will solve problems according to sales contract and related laws.
5. We will provide technology guide to our products, including every part of machines.
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